Blanca Cervantes

Massage Therapist/Reiki Practitioner

Blanca is a caring soul and is always ready to make your session as comfortable as possible. She listens to your needs, and works with you to create a plan of action to get you feeling better.

"Blanca used an energy technique that was I never experienced so that was cool. Seems to work because I'm not sore 24 hrs later."

-Francisco G. on Square

"I was experiencing some bad shoulder pains from my job driving. One visit here I felt so much better. Thank you, Blanca!"

-Davey S. on Groupon

"Blanca did an amazing job on my massage, I would definitely go back."

-Magic S. on Groupon

Linda Carrizosa


Linda is a graduate from International Institute of Reflexology and the Chicago School of Massage Therapy.  She began her bodywork career as a massage therapist but soon learned her true calling in working as a Reflexologist.  Over time, Reflexology has become the focus of her practice.

Every session with Linda is thoughtfully tailored to each individual's needs.  She is passionate about her work in Reflexology and you will be sure to have her focused attention during each session.

Here is what people have to say about working with LInda:

"I have had massage therapists over the years who have given me what they called a reflexology treatment. However, it is nothing compared to what a well-trained, experienced reflexologist can do for you. Linda's technique is wonderful! And she is always on target. I have had relief from chronic conditions such as arthritis, sinus congestion, and other aches and pains. Her manner is always pleasant and reassuring. And she's willing to come to you! If you feel awkward about having your feet worked on, then I would suggest trying Linda and perhaps bring a friend or two."

-JGL on Yelp

"Linda is a true professional.  It can sometimes be uncomfortable for some people to have a stranger touch them, but Linda makes her clients feel very relaxed.  If you have never experienced reflexology before, Linda is very knowledgable and assuring in answering questions.  It's similar but different from full body massage and I always feel better after a session, especially if I get into a routine.  I would highly recommend giving reflexology a try, especially in Linda's hands. "

-Sharon M. on Yelp

Luisa Berardi Caraballo

Owner/Massage Therapist

Luisa is a graduate from Cortiva Institute – Chicago School of Massage Therapy and has practiced professionally since 2009. Luisa is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and certified with the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage (NCBTM). In 2010, Luisa decided it was time to open up her own practice, Melrose Muscle Therapy. Here she offers a variety of massage modalities to help her clients that are suffering from stress, sports injuries, and chronic pain.

Luisa received recognition from the AMTA Illinois Chapter as the recipient of the 2012 Distinguished Service Award.  In February of 2012, she became a Certified Educator of Infant Massage by the International Association of Infant Massage and by Infant Massage USA, and in June of 2013 she gained certification in Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy.
A session with Luisa is always tailored to the individual needs of her clients and may combine elements of Swedish Treatments, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue work and Passive Stretching.

Melrose Muscle Therapy Staff

1811 N Broadway Ave.

Melrose Park, IL 60160

(708) 612-9228